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Jupiter Joe's Sidewalk Astronomy is proud to bring this unique education platform, T.E.A.CH.U.R., to the public. 


T.E.A.CH.U.R. (Terrestrial Education of Astronomy for CHildren in Urban Regions) is not viewed as a tool but as an independant team member full of character. The T.E.A.CH.U.R. platform was born to fulfill an educational role that engages children in a direct S.T.E.M. related manner while allowing them to take their first steps into engineering and scientific research .


Thanks to support from outstanding companies like Celestron Telescopes, T.E.A.CH.U.R. is now a more interactive platform and it is paving the way for a series of T.E.A.CH.U.R 's to be created by the end of the year, each addressing different aspects of space exploration so keep an eye out for Landers, Probes and Habitats to join the T.E.A.CH.U.R. platform soon!

T.E.A.CH.U.R. 01
T.E.A.CH.U.R. 02
T.E.A.CH.U.R.- D.A.M.I.S.
T.E.A.CH.U.R.- C.A.T.S
T.E.A.CH.U.R.- M.A.D.S
T.E.A.CH.U.R.- D.A.C.
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