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It's a whole new kind of talk! 


The “Passport To Space” presentation program is a series of lectures designed to introduce astronomy topics to children while also reinforcing cognitive skills such as maintaining focus, processing information, memory retention and reasoning.


The program accomplishes these goals by utilizing a series of visual cues to help steer children’s focus while providing them with the necessary clues of which skillset should be utilized.  It is our goal that the repeated usage of these cues throughout various presentations will build familiarity amongst the students and in time make them better, more independent thinkers.


























The “Passport To Space” presentation program is held at multiple locations and encourages families to become familiarized with a variety of institutions throughout the NY Tri-State area while at the same time, based on attendance, offers your child the opportunity to win a prize at the end of the year.

When your child attends a Passport to Space event they get credit for attending, the more you attend the more chances you get to win and at the end of the year the top 10 Passport to Space attendees will get added into a lottery to win a cool Astronomy prize like a telescope, binoculars or other Astronomy swag! 


Sorry Passport to Space Is only for 6-17 year olds!

Registration is required.


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